Don’t Spend Too Much Time Planning Your Route

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Planning Your Route

Choose us for short-haul trucking

Trying to plan the shortest route for your freight takes time, and you don’t have time to waste at your company. JMS Transportation can plan it for you. We handle short-haul trucking shipments. Our drivers will use the latest technology to determine the shortest path to your freight’s destination.

Trust us to make shipping your cargo simple and convenient. Call 800-877-1529 now to schedule freight service based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Take advantage of our general freight services

JMS Transportation offers comprehensive general freight service. We transport dry van shipments, provide dedicated solutions and manage records. When you contact us, we’ll learn more about your freight and schedule your shipment date ASAP. You can rest assured we’ll transport your items to their destination safely.

Get in touch with us today to start planning your short-haul trucking route through Cedar Rapids, Iowa.